Lundy Bancroft offers low-cost, powerful weekend healing retreats, including:

“The Life That Awaits You” for women who have been in destructive relationships that have now ended (whether recently or long ago)

“Co-Counseling and Community Building, Level 1 (Peak Living Network)” for women and men interested in learning a new approach to emotional healing and wellness, based on Lundy’s book The Joyous Recovery. (This training is not related to abusive relationships. It is not appropriate for abusive men.)

Detailed descriptions of these retreats are below.

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Postponed // Through 2022 // Due to Covid-19



The Life That Awaits You: Healing After a Destructive Relationship
Led by Lundy Bancroft and Kathy Jones

We begin by learning and sharing about the impacts of relationship abuse, to help us move quickly away from isolation, confusion, and self-blame. From there, we will learn powerful ways to build self-confidence and self-esteem, to healthfully manage stress and anxiety, discussions on how to find a way to reduce anxiety, and how you can rediscover our true voice and power. Finally, we will learn ways to repair old connections, form new close ones, learn to trust people again, and leave the painful past behind us. We will give specific guidance on how to move into a new intimate relationship without ending up with another abuser, and how to build and keep healthy boundaries for the future. Our time together will be spent in group discussions, giving and receiving emotional support, participating in healing exercises, learning approaches for deep healing, and enjoying free time.


Co-Counseling and Community Building, Part 1 (Peak Living Network)

Led by Lundy Bancroft

Thus retreat is a nuts-and-bolts training on applying the principles of the Peak Living Network. We focus particularly on developing the skills for doing deep one-on-one and group healing work in a peer format. Participants also develop the knowledge and abilities they need to create their own healing networks back at home. In addition, we cover various other core healing principles from The Joyous Recovery. The retreat is open to both women and men, and the content is not related to abusive relationships.


Some comments from past participants in Lundy’s retreats:

“I can’t say enough good things about you or the retreat. The most important thing is that this is the thing that finally got me to turn the corner. I had been trying for so long to get out of this dark tunnel I seemed to be in, and this retreat showed me the way out. I had tried every self-help book, therapy, etc. Nothing worked until this retreat. The energy and support of all these people who truly understand what I’ve been through was one of the best experiences I have had. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” – J.H.

“This retreat went beyond my expectations. It was a powerful way to connect with so many other women who shared my pain and could sympathize with my journey. I highly recommend this retreat for any survivor of domestic violence to feel connected, supported, and heard.” – A. D.

“I learned how to deal with my hurt and anger, but most importantly how to have healthy relationships in the future. And I met many wonderful women who have become close friends.” – S.S.