National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

1532 16th St., NW
Washington DC 20036
(202) 745-1211
Join this organization to support policy and service development to benefit abused women and their children. NCADV also has various resources that you can order (at a discount if you are a member), and listings of other sources of information.

Next Time She’ll Be Dead: Battering and How to Stop It
by Ann Jones (Beacon Press)

This terrific work elucidates the cultural influences and institutional actions that support abuse, and gives to-the-point suggestions for concerned community members on how to end the abuse of women.

Rural Woman Battering and the Justice System: An Ethnography
by Neil Websdale (Sage Publications)

This excellent book describes the special challenges faced by abused women who live far from large population centers, who may be very isolated and may face local communities are not supportive of escaping abuse. Groundbreaking and insightful, with concrete strategies for how agencies and institutions can better serve abused women in rural areas.

Coordinating Community Responses to Domestic Violence: Lessons from the Duluth Model
edited by Melanie Shepard and Ellen Pence (Sage Publications)

Detailed guidance on how to draw from the US’s premier model of collaborative work in communities to assist abused women, hold abusers accountable, and change community values about partner abuse.

Why Do They Kill: Men Who Murder Their Intimate Partners
by David Adams (Vanderbilt University Press)

For anyone who wants to prevent domestic homicides, this book is an engaging and highly informative route to learning the forces driving those abusers who kill, and Adams offers concrete and insightful guidance on steps that communities should take to stop these egregious acts of violence.

Pornography: The Production and Consumption of Inequality
by Gail Dines, Robert Jensen, and Ann Russo (Routledge)

This highly readable book provides the most reasonable and persuasive explanations that I have encountered of how pornography can shape men’s ways of perceiving and interacting with women, and of the various excuses that groups and individuals use to avoid looking at the damage that pornography can do.

“Dream Worlds III”

a video by the Media Education Foundation
This powerful and disturbing video reveals the attitudes towards women that are taught by today’s music videos. Available from MEF, 26 Center St., Northampton MA 01060, (800) 897-0089,

“Tough Guise”

a video by the Media Education Foundation
This widely-acclaimed video created by Jackson Katz shows how popular portrayals of masculinity force boys and men into unhealthy roles, and teach males to be abusive towards females. (See ordering information under previous listing.)

Transforming Communities

734 A St.
San Rafael CA 94901-3923
(415) 457-2464
Transforming Communities has a tremendous collection of resources and ideas for how to combat the abuse of women and children.

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