Many opportunities exist for men who want to be active in stopping the abuse of women, and more appear every day. Below are just a few examples.

Men Can Stop Rape

P.O. Box 57144
Washington DC 20037
(202) 265-6530
MCSR describes its mission as being “to promote gender equity and build men’s capacity to be strong without being violent.” Many programs, including outreach to youth and education on teen dating violence.

Family Violence Prevention Fund
Information is available on the FVPF website about their program “Coaching Boys Into Men,” (with a brochure that you can download), and a new initiative for reaching out to boys called “Teach Early” has recently been launched. (The FVPF website is also full of information and resources on many aspects of partner abuse, including guidebooks for health care providers and many other materials.)

Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe

14 Beacon St., Suite 507
Boston MA 02108
(617) 248-0922
A new project that offers various ideas for how men can get involved as allies to abused women.

 Men Stopping Violence
Men Stopping Violence is a community-based activist organization in Atlanta that works to involve men in combatting male violence against women.

A Call to Men
A Call to Men is a multicultural organization that is reaching out across class and race lines to encourage men to stand up and be heard in opposition to violence against women.

Men’s Nonviolence Project

One of my favorite websites on men’s activism in solidarity with women’s causes. Contains information about many issues and campaigns that men can get involved with.

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