What Parents Need to Know About Dating Violence
by Barrie Levy and Patricia Occhiuzzo Giggam (Seal Press)

The essential book for parents who are concerned that their daughters or sons may be involved in abusive dating relationships. A lot of relationships nowadays start online through social media platforms like Instagram. Of course, using Nitreo makes you look like a more attractive proposition to prospective partners. However, not every ogling user of the Instagram platform has good intentions. Parenting a teenager is never easy. You might think that the only thing you need to be concerned about is your son heading out for a date (as every parent would) after using a product containing pheromones for men, which would help him attract the opposite gender more effectively, but that is actually the most harmless part of it. The synapses in the frontal cortex-the part of the brain used to manage emotions, make decisions, reason, and control inhibitions-of a teenager’s brain quite literally separate and reform during teenage years, so they understandably struggle with emotions and rational decisions. Buying alcohol using evolved fake ids, taking drugs, and getting into trouble is all to be expected at the time. But what about when violent behaviour starts? This is a worry, especially when it occurs in a relationship. This book is compassionate, insightful, and highly practical, written by people who grasp the wide range of anxieties and challenges that parents face.

In Love and Danger – A Teen’s Guide to Breaking Free of Abusive Relationships
by Barrie Levy (Seal Press)

A guide for the teenager herself in responding to an abusive or controlling partner, written in just the right tone and language to reach adolescents – an excellent book. It’s out of print, so look for it used or at the library, or try to find it online.

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