FaithTrust Institute

FaithTrust Institute, is an international multifaith organization that offers services and resources for communities and advocates to address religious and cultural issues related to abuse.

Keeping the Faith: Guidance for Christian Women Facing Abuse
by Marie Fortune

Fortune offers clarity, advice, and validation, along with new interpretations of scriptural texts, to assist abused Christian women to escape entrapment and draw strength from their spiritual beliefs. (I am not currently aware of similar books for women of other faiths, but you may find one, as new resources on abuse appear every day.)

The Emotionally Destructive Marriage
by Leslie Vernick

Leslie Vernick is a Christian counselor and writer. For more resources from Leslie visit

Becoming a Church That Cares Well for the Abused
by Brad Hembrick

For more information visit

Redeeming Power – Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church
by Diane Langberg.

This book focuses on situations where church personnel themselves are the perpetrators of the abuse. For more information visit

Is It Me?: Making Sense of Your Confusing Marriage

by Natalie Hoffman

Hoffman describes her book as “A Christian Woman’s Guide to Hidden Emotional and Spiritual Abuse.” You can also find other resources, including her podcast, at

Additional Websites:

Life Saving Divorce has lots of support and information for women of faith who need to leave their marriages., including an extensive listing of books, website, and other resources,

Grace is a Christian organization that seeks to empower Christian communities to recognize, prevent and respond to abuse. Learn more at

Confusion to Clarity, Helena Knowlton’s site, has a collection of perspectives and resources for Christian women on identifying abuse, setting boundaries, and healing.

Knowlton also offers a private Facebook group for survivors of covert psychological abuse.

The Hope of Survivors is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting victims of clergy sexual abuse and misconduct, as well as providing educational and informational materials and seminars to pastors and churches of every denomination worldwide.


Christian Counselors and Life Coaches Who are Versed in Abuse and Recovery


Kim Petroni

Also see Kim’s excellent blog, Not a Casserole Widow


Diane Langberg